“In every emotion
remember to look unto Christ;
during the sad and
joyous moments,
to the heartbreaking
and on-top-of-the-world feeling
look to Christ”

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"The BEST thing that can happen to you on this earth is to experience the love, grace and preferential treatment of God. He is always there, even when we don’t see it, he is working. His love has never once forgotten about us."

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So very thankful to serve a God who is patient with my struggles, gracious with my failures, and loving towards me always.

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If we don’t see Jesus in front of us it’s because we have walked ahead. Let Him show you the way and walk at His side.

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I'm Maria. :)
I'm 19.
My heart belongs to God.
My purpose is to surrender to Christ and serve Him.

I'm here to pray for anyone that needs it. <3

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